Larghetto Music is a musical publishing company specialized in the publishing, production and distribution of music and songs for films for the cinematographic industry and television.

The company established in Holland own or control all the publishing rights to the works and recordings it makes.

For more than some 15 years, Larghetto Music company has acquired and financed, as owner, more than 5000 works to which it owns worldwide copyrights (fim music, instrumental works, songs, symphonic works, etc…) written and composed by over 100 different composers of varying nationalities.

In addition to the film music and the variety works, the company has developed a classical music department which publishes works of chamber music, contemporary symphonic works, and works from the classical repertoire (Schubert, Cherubini, Saint-Saëns, Wagner, Pucini, Catalani, Bach, Beethoven, Sousa, Debussy, Chopin, etc.).

Lastly, the company’s catalogue also counts some fifty traditional and folk music works.

Larghetto Music has also signed contracts with numerous performing artists, groups or orchestras, among which some word famous stars (Paul Misraki, Vladimir Cosma, Diane Dufresne, Mireille Mathieu, Richard Sanderson, Cook da Books, Lara Fabian, Stanciu Simion, Juan Carmona, Ivry Gitlis, Nana Mouskouri, Herbert Leonard, Plastic Bertrand, Nicole Croisille, Karoline Kruger, Chet Baker, Tony Coe, Roger Hanin, Toots Thielemans, Liam O’Flynn, Eddy Reader, Marshall Titus, Quatuor Enesco, london Syphony Orchestra, F.R. David, Reginald, etc.)

Due to its international publishing activity, the company has sucessfully permitted the manufacturing and distribution of over 200 phonograms (records, CD, tapes) containing works from its own catalogue in their original versions, as well as a considerable number of “instrumental covers” and especialy vocals in many countries.

For its international productions, the company has received over 20 gold and platinum record awards (Italy, Japan, France, Switzerland, Belgium, England, Canada, etc.)

The Company’s management decided to join the BUMA-STEMRA (Holland) and SACEM-SDRM (France and other Territories) to collect the publishing rights since France is the foremost European country for film productions (film industry and television)

The activities of Larghetto Music rely on a structured organization with the contractual support of other companies of the same group ocated in particular in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Switzerland which perform a certain number of material services under the direction and the control of Larghetto Music, such as : legal services, recordings, management of orchestras and musicians and, aso, general promotion.

The organisation of the group with its international structure and contacts make  it possible for Larghetto to produce the works and exploit them on a world-wide basis.